Thursday, August 20, 2009

Welcome Ramadan Banner


I kept this simple so my son could do most of the work himself. I cut the paper and wrote the letters with glue and he pretty much did the rest. I strung the letters with string while he "washed" the dishes.


Since hanging this in a prominant part of the house (he wanted it in the playroom, i wanted it in the living area). Usually i go with what he wants but as I told him, I want it to be a reminder to us throughout the whole day and since we spend most of our time in our living area, we would hang it there and then make another version for the playroom.


Since making it he is asking about Ramadan. What it means, why we do it, and he is repeating the word to his sister excitedly. Goal one achieved. A word gains meaning, excitement for a month of spiritual renewal and growth begun.

You could do this several ways. We like glitter and glue. I do mean we. :-)


  1. So pretty! I have a love hate relationship with glitter, so shiny yet so much potential for mess. :D

  2. Thanks. I really like how it turned out. Every time i pass it, i smile. Glitter is truly messy. I've come to accept the fact that glitter in the cracks of our wood floors and in the folds of babe's neck are a fact of life around here. ;-) The tray does help quite a bit to catch the extra (and saves it too for reuse) and letting the adult do the shaking of the paper to let the loose glitter fall.

  3. Oh glitter scare me so! I will give your banner a go though minus glitter. I would love to see a simple ramadan lantern of some sort( Egyptians have this tradition of "fanoos" ramadan. I've been craving something like that.

    Love love love.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Ramadan Mubarak!

  4. robyn: i'd like to see when you do it

    mh: I thought to do a lantern too. Will do!